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Subhadra was born in 1952 in London. Ordained into the WBO in 1981, he has since worked on various buddhist projects within the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. He now lives in Cambridge,England and works for Windhorse Evolution. Any feedback welcome: dhsubhadra@gmail.com


Tejasvini lives in Cambridge, UK. She works at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre.



Vajragupta Lives in Norwich, UK, and helps to run the Norwich Buddhist Centre.



Satyadaya lives and works at the London Buddhist Centre.



Ratnadhya is based in the West Country, in Berkeley, Glostershire, UK, and spends much of his time touring his own theatre productions and musical performances to venues, including Triratna Buddhist Community Centres, up and down the country.



Vidyakaya was born in Spain in 2005 - prior to that he was Pete Tyrer, an aspiring artist, poet and song writer, a pretty good cook and shiatsu practitioner, compulsive diarist, dog lover and tree hugger. Vidyakaya is still all of those but is also seriously trying to practice the Dharma. Recording this book was a significant part of his part practice, when he finally got round to doing it.



Jinananda lives and works in West London, UK. He teaches at the Triratna Buddhist Centre in West London. Among other books, he has written Warrior of Peace: the Life of the Buddha and Meditating: A Buddhist View. Both are published by Windhorse Publications.


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